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01 March 2022

In the Interreg EMR project ‘From Waste 2 Profit’ five partners, POM Limburg (BE), LIOF (NL), EFA (G) and Zenit (G), cooperate to strengthen companies’ waste management in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion. To achieve this goal grants are offered to SMEs for having an audit conducted of their waste streams.

All SMEs can apply for a voucher to have a waste audit conducted. The ‘From Waste 2 Profit’-project will create a permanent pool of six waste auditors who will conduct these on-site audits on the SMEs. To create this pool POM Limburg is planning to award a framework agreement resulting from a public procurement for services with a European publication.

Deadline for submission tenders is 28 March 2022 at 9h (Brussels time)

Execution task

Conducting an on-site waste audit that takes into account the following stages:

  1. Purchase (e.g. packaging);
  2. Production and packaging;
  3. Waste collection and management;
  4. Possible return flows.

Number of audits

A maximum of 50 audits will be carried out. For the pool of six waste auditors of this public procurement POM Limburg strives to have approximately 25% of the audits to be assigned to the first ranked company, 20% to the second, 20% to the third, 15% to the fourth, 10% to the fifth and 10% to the sixth.


The maximum budget for an audit is €5000.

Duration audit

Maximum 3 months.

Execution region

The audits must be performed for SMEs in the extended EMR-region:

  • Germany regions: Aachen (AAC), Bitburg-Prüm (BIP) and Vulkaneifel (VUL);
  • Belgium regions: Liège (LIE), Limburg (BLI) and Leuven (LEU);
  • Netherlands regions: Zuid- & Midden-Limburg (NLI) and Eindhoven (EIN).

Apply now

An overview of changes to the assignment and questions & answers can be found here:

Corrective notice: answers + questions (first round) (published on 10/03/2022)

Answers + questions (last round) (published on 21/03/2022)

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