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Less waste, more profit: 5 reasons to apply for subsidies for your waste management now

13 January 2023

From Waste 2 Profit helps you to improve your waste management in various ways: from an audit of your waste streams to subsidies for concrete projects. As a company, are you undertaking such a project? Then you’re eligible for a 50% subsidy, capped at €40,000. If that’s not enough, here 5 reasons why you should optimise your waste management.

1.    Lower costs, new revenues

By using fewer raw materials to produce the same quantity, you logically reduce their cost. Waste disposal also costs money, which is why it’s best to keep that amount minimal. Or go for a win-win: circular production processes where your waste can be sold as a raw material for someone else. This is how you generate new revenue streams.

2.    More positive environmental report

Every year, about 6 tonnes of material leaves our economy as waste. The extraction and processing of those raw materials contribute to a significant part of annual greenhouse gases. So, its high time for us to use our raw materials more efficiently and thus minimise waste!

3.    Economic win-win

Fortunately, an improved environmental record also goes hand in hand with economic opportunities. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Not only do new hires gauge a company’s sustainability efforts, but major market players also expect this from their suppliers.

4.    Shorter payback period

The subsidy will cover half of your project costs (up to €40,000) such as internal working hours, additional services/expertise and the purchase or rental of machinery and software.

5.    New regulations, new opportunities

The European Green Deal and accompanying legislative packages should ensure a faster transition to a circular economy. The EU Circular Economy Action Plan, for example, aims to make the entire life cycle of a product more sustainable: from design and use, to reuse and recycling. Don’t wait any longer and jump onto the environmental train right now!

How to request your own audit in 3 steps:

  1. Check out our website for more information.
  2. Click “start your application” and create an account in the subsidy portal.
  3. Complete the application form no later than 20/01/23.

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