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Matchmaking tool: give your waste streams a second life

02 January 2023

As a company, reduce your environmental impact and optimise your resource use with our matchmaking tool. Because a by-product at one company might be used as a raw material by another. This matchmaking tool is part of From Waste 2 Profit, a Interreg Euregio Meuse Rhine project.

Find your perfect match

By matching demand for raw materials with supply of by-products, From Waste 2 Profit’s matchmaking tool connects companies that can help each other. Do you have a one-off by-product or a recurring flow of residue? Or are you looking for a particular raw material? Then register your company now on the matchmaking tool and contribute to a circular economy.

Get rid of your by-products in a few clicks

The matchmaking tool makes it easy for companies to offer their by-products to other companies. And that in less than a minute and just a few steps:

  • Step 1: Create an account for your company on the platform
  • Step 2: Fill in all the details of your by-product: volume, condition and quality
  • Step 3: Add some photos
  • Go! Your ad has been posted

Create an advert for raw materials?

Looking for raw materials? You proceed in the same way. Again, you create an account for your company and fill in all the details of the raw material you’re looking for. And Go! Your ad has been posted.

From here, there are two options. On the one hand, the tool itself generates matches between supply and demand. On the other hand, you can also actively search for products yourself. Found what you’re looking for? Or a match generated by the platform? Then both parties will receive an e-mail with the necessary contact details. And from then on, it is up to the companies themselves. They arrange the rest of the transaction between them.

Register now!

Do you have your own by-products or are you looking for certain raw materials? Then be sure to register on our platform.

Register here

The matchmaking tool goes beyond just the Euroregion. Any company in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany can register on the platform to post classified ads. And it doesn’t stop there. Designers and knowledge institutions can also use the platform to help reduce the waste streams of SMEs. This enables the platform to create a real community.

Come to our Matchmaking Event

Interested in our matchmaking tool? Then register now for our matchmaking event on 18 January and learn more about the matchmaking tool or discover inspiring cases.


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