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EGGXPERT unravels the secrets of eggshells…

25 July 2023

Dutch company EGGXPERT is tackling eggshell waste. They’re doing this by reusing substances from eggshells to create natural egg membrane peptides and biominerals as new bio-feedstocks. After an initial successful product launch in skincare using egg membrane peptides, they knocked on the door of From Waste 2 Profit to develop a new product with our support.

Rong Wang, researcher and co-founder at EGGXPERT, is determined to reduce the eggshell waste stream: “Eggshells are dumped in large numbers in landfills, a practice that is not only very labour-intensive but also very polluting. The membranes from the eggshells rot quickly and release compounds or gases that are harmful to the environment, while the eggshell minerals persist for years. As a material scientist, I know there’s an opportunity to create a solution!”

“This is how we developed eggshell peptides (ESP): a powder made from hydrolysis of the eggshell membrane (ESM), the layers lying inside of an eggshell. The powder can be used for skincare and nutrition applications such as our skincare product, the SCND SKIN Sheet masks.”

Making 3D printing more sustainable with eggshells is a first step

“Since more than 90% of the waste is coming from the eggshells, we wanted to further investigate what we could use the remaining part of eggshells for. This is when we came to see From Waste 2 Profit. We did a waste optimisation project with this subsidy, where we could count on their support to develop a new application.”

“An idea was already there: in my previous job as a post-doc researcher, I was also active in the world of 3D printing or additive manufacturing. An industry that uses a lot of plastics which are not environmentally friendly nor cost effective. We therefore proposed the project of using eggshell (ES) as bio-filler in filament development, where ES serves as the beating heart of 3D printing materials. The filament consists of a combination of biodegradable polymers such as PLA, PHAs and of course, inorganic biominerals, eggshell powders. This creates an opportunity not only to reduce the eggshell waste stream, but also to reduce the plastic use in the 3D printing field.”

“Our goal is to consistently enhance the quality of ES powders and refine filament formulas in other types of polymers so that we could provide companies and individuals with optimal solutions tailored to their needs. By offering these sustainable alternatives, prototyping of your designs is no longer a need to compromise the sustainability goal. And that’s just one example. EGGXPERT is consistently advancing the development of ES powder for packaging applications in order to target a larger market.”

Surround yourself with the right people

“Starting a project with From Waste 2 Profit was definitely valuable for us. The fact that a seamless signing process eliminated any bureaucratic barriers, makes it incredibly convenient for an applicant. It also enabled us to connect with other companies, which has highlighted how important a good network is for a startup.”

“So that is one of the tips I want to give other entrepreneurs: gradually build a network that can help you grow. Be active, create exposure, go to events. It was only when other companies knew what we were doing that they could contact us to collaborate.”

“Another crucial aspect is to surround yourself with the right people internally. You need to surround yourself with people with similar ambitions and an understanding of technology. While many people have innovative ideas on how to improve the planet, translating those ideas into reality requires a team equipped with the necessary skills. This combination of capable individuals is indispensable in crafting a success.”

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