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5 benefits you get from auditing your waste streams

19 December 2022

Per person, 6 tonnes of raw materials end up in Europe’s landfill every year. Have you ever thought about how much your company’s share adds up to? And do you know what type of waste is involved? No? Then now’s the time to request an audit of your waste streams. This is how you’ll discover opportunities to reuse materials or reduce your waste. And you’ll receive a financial support voucher of 2,500 euros for this audit! Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons.

1. Raw materials are scarce

Belgium’s Country Overshoot Day fell on 26 March this year. On that day, we had used up all the resources the earth is able to produce in a year. This means that the more we can recycle, the less we need to mine. A win-win for our planet, but especially for your business. You can reuse recycled raw materials yourself or even sell them once you have a good understanding of them.

2. New regulations

Regulations are constantly being tightened. You may already be aware of the EU Circular Economy Action Plan that resulted from the Green Deal? The aim is to take measures to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. And that in several areas: plastics, textiles, electronic waste, food, water and nutrients, packaging, batteries and vehicles, and buildings and building materials. By getting an audit done now, you’ll be one step ahead!

3. Economic opportunities

The audit is a first step towards sustainability. And that brings economic opportunities. For example, in public tenders, it is beneficial if you can demonstrate sustainability efforts. In addition, it can be a step towards product-service combinations where you get revenue not only from your product, but also from additional services. Consider, for example, renting or leasing certain products to reduce waste and extend their lifespan.

4. Expert and practical advice

Our accredited auditors start with a physical tour of your company and map out your waste streams in detail. The report you receive will give you a practical insight into the commercial value of your waste. How can you prevent or trade it? Where else can you save CO2? This will enable you to take concrete steps.

5. Reputation

Sustainability plays an increasing role in your company’s reputation. Firstly, consumers are attaching increasing importance to sustainability. Secondly, large companies will soon have to report publicly on their sustainability criteria. But even as an SME, you need to make information available. An audit is a useful first step in acquiring that information.

How to request your own audit in 3 steps:

  1. Check out our website for more information.
  2. Click “start your application” and create an account in the subsidy portal.
  3. Complete the application form no later than 20/01/23.

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